Schaltkreis at Sameheads, Berlin, on June 28th 2012

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In June of 2012 when Private Records Berlin released the newly mastered Psychotron on Vinyl and we did a DJ gig with visuals by Asteriza at Sameheads Berlin I had so much around my ears that I diddn’t find the time to write about it – so I do it now: it was just great at Sameheads! Of course I couldn’t restrain myself to just playing old released and unreleased Schaltkreis stuff – I wanted to improvise by adding sound snippets from our 80ies experiments and process them with all kinds of special effects which was a lot of fun and made the music very much alive. Asteriza built her psychedelic visuals on old Schaltkreis photos and graphics from that era. It was fantastic and the dancers loved it. I hope to have some more gigs of this kind!
That was on June 28th 2012 and on the next day Jay (the owner of Private Records) and Dany das Drehmoment took us to a radio interview with HIDDEN TRACKS and then to a jam session with a friend of Jay who has the same ARP 2600 that we used so much in the early eighties and that I still love a lot. It was a very inspiring weekend in Berlin which is a lovely city anyway – thanks to everybody involved!
Here’s the interview HIDDEN TRACKS on Byte FM.


Official poster for the re-release of Schaltkreis Wassermann “Psychotron”

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Here’s the official poster for the re-release of Schaltkreis Wassermann “Psychotron” in Sameheads-Club, Berlin on June 2nd 2012.

PJ Wassermann will play some of his favorite tracks that Stella and he listened to in the early eighties.

Click here for Facebook-Info.

Schaltkreis Sameheads Berlin, June 2nd 2012

Re-Release of Schaltkreis Wassermann – Psychotron on vinyl at Private Records, Berlin

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Schaltkreis Wassermann – Psychotron LP
+ bonus 7″ single “Sex is out, ich bin geklont” 30 years anniversary collector package out now!
30 years after the first release in 1982 the Psychotron album has been repressed as a limited remastered collector edition by Private Records. The special thing about this release is not only the fact that this repress is an official and exact vinyl reproduction of the valuable cosmic, minimal synth cult album – there is also an exact reproduction of the ultra expansive and sought after “Schaltkreis Wassermann – Sex Is Out, Ich bin Geklont” 7 inch single for free as a bonus included!
Only for this release PJ Wassermann dubbed the recording with high end equipment from the original old analog tape which resulted in an audio quality that could be easily described as audiophile. “Schaltkreis Wassermann –Psychotron” as you never heard it before!
check the exact tracklisting + audio files on Discogs.

There will be a re-release party at Sameheads Club in berlin on June 2nd 2012 and I will play my favorite 80ies music, my premiere as “DJ PJ”! With visuals by Asteriza.

Psychotron als Re-Release bei Private Records, Berlin

Psychotron bei Private Records

Version 1 : Schaltkreis Wassermann – Psychotron LP + bonus 7″ single “Sex is out, ich bin geklont” (standard black vinyl), 19,99 €
Version 2: Schaltkreis Wassermann – Psychotron LP + bonus 7″ single “Sex is out, ich bin geklont” (cyan coloured vinyl + 7 page insert), 20,99 €
Dealer inquieries:
Janis Nowacki, “Private Records”, Matternstr. 13, 10249 Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Schaltkreis remix on Opilec compilation

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Italian Label Opilec has released a two-disc compilation called “We are Opilec”. It contains the Schaltkreis Wassermann remix “Gogo-Danger” by Gianluca Pandullo who used the two original tracks “GoGoGo” and “Danger out of Space” from the cult album PSYCHOTRON. More remixes are planned.

gogoDanger auf der Opilec-Compilation

gogoDanger auf der Opilec-Compilation

Clone Records (NL) writes:
Incredible cool compilation by I-Robots: We Are Opilec… A fascinating release which takes in tracks and remixes from Giorgio Moroder, Todd Terje, San Francisco’ synth punk act The Units, Swiss electronic pioneers Schaltkreis Wassermann, Orlando Voorn, Nemesi and No More Klein & Mbo and of course I-Robots theself. A double cd project from Italy’s Opilec Music released to showcase fine artists with tracks ranging from krautrock, electro, house, techno and disco. A cool and rare insight into some of electronic music’s true innovators. CHECK!

Stella, like a goddess

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Sad news: on Friday night 8th of April 2011 my beloved Stella has left us for the spiritual world. She went like a goddess, very peacefully and still so beautiful despite the years of illness. As a farewell present she gave me one last tear. I’ll always love her.

Together with her sister Ursula and her friend Gabi I had spent the whole evening beside her bed and held her hand. Then I went to the couch for a break and softly began to pick on my black Stratocaster. After a while I went back, sat on her bed and told her a couple of times that I loved her. The moment of farewell was magical and holy, the tear a symbol of love and total reconciliation.

Only later I realized that the last theme I had played to her came from my album “Triple E” and was called “Voyage sans Retour“, the journey without return. Isn’t our whole life a journey without return?

Stella Wassermann, picture from the back of her album "L'Ame de la Lune"

Stella Wassermann, picture from the back of her album "L'Ame de la Lune"

Schaltkreis at GOASYS II on Feb. 19th 2010

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Schaltkreis Wassermann performed at the second GOASYS psychedelic multimedia dance experience at Nordstern Basel on February 19th 2010, first time in Switzerland with Benidrums drummer Pierre-Alain Jost.

It was a great gig! We were playing like in trance and dancers were dancing like mad, shouting and screaming. See the video of the track called “Spaced Out Again”, performed by Stella (vocals, Kaossilator), PJ (VG-99 guitar, vocoder) and Pierre-Alain (drums). The live video parts were shot by Cedric Spindler, the rest of the video is what we project at our gigs.

POWERSOURCE was flown in from Israel for an exclusive gig at the GOASYS event and played his classic Goa Trance – very nice. Our friend Cedric Spindler presented his Bioluminiscense live-act and then DJ Anoebis from Belgian Suntrip Records performed a powerful DJ set. It was a fantastic night!

GOASYS 2010 Flyer

GOASYS 2010 Flyer

By the way: the enchanting GOASYS decoration was done by Kernspalter, Hexentanz and Psycastle.

Strange new world for musicians

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Musicians have always been ripped off by the music industry. Their star system has made money for a few artists and left the rest in the dust but above all it has made loads of money for the industry!

Now with the internet there are new possibilities for artists but above all the music gets stolen on rapidshare, megaUpload and all these sites that make money from so called filesharing by selling premium accounts to kids who want to exchange mostly copyrighted files fast.

People think they are entitled to steal the music because they feel they take it from the big companies who are gangsters anyway. This judgment is correct but they fail to notice that they rob the musician of his income while they think they take it from the companies.

As the theft of music seemingly can’t be stopped musicians go along and give away their work for free on Youtube in the hope of getting some promotion and some gigs. If you’re well known some people will pay for your music on iTunes. It’s a strange new world and full of chances for those with open eyes and clever ideas…